Grade 8 Curriculum Map

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Identifying Features of a Graph
CC SMC 8.F.5

Reasoning Quantitatively

Rising WaterRising Water

Relations from a Verbal Description
CC SMC 8.F.5


Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.41.11 PM4 x 4

Four Representations of a Relation
CC SMC 8.F.5

Reasoning Quantitatively
Using Tools
CC SMP 2, 5, 8

Jogging Hare PicJogging Hare

Writing equations from two points
CC SMC 8.F.4

Solving Problems
Reasoning Quantitatively
CC SMP 1, 2

Monster CarsMonster Cars

Writing equations from two points
CC SMC 8.F.4

Solving Problems
CC SMP 1, 4


fenceFence Posts

Parallel Lines and Transversals
CC SMC 8.G.5

Solving Problems
See Structure
CC SMP 1, 7

Shipping Conundrum

Pythagorean Theorem in 3-D
CC SMC 8.G.7

Solving Problems
Making Conjectures
CC SMP 1, 3

Town Grid

Distance Formula
CC SMC 8.G.8

Solving Problems
Attending to Precision
CC SMP 1, 6


Shoes1Cool Shoes – Linear

Scatter Plots, Best Fit Line, Slope in Context

Solving Problems
Reasoning Quantitatively
CC SMP 1, 2


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  1. I can not give enough praise to Chris and his team. I subscribed almost 20 years ago and have continued (along with my whole department) to use the projects every single year. They are extremely relevant and match current state assessments. Keep up the amazing work.

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