Ultimate Math Lessons

MPJ’s Ultimate Math Lessons contains over 100 classroom-tested projects and ideas for teachers of Algebra, Pre-Algebra and Geometry. (Check out our Free Lesson Handouts for examples.)

This amazing resource is now available digitally as a PDF ebook for instant downloading and easier printing and portability.

With nearly 300 pages, it contains:

  • 80 innovative lessons and activities
  • Printable student handouts and answer keys
  • 27 thought-provoking articles
  • Indoor and outdoor activities
  • Large- and small-scale projects
  • Classroom games and competitions for chapter reviews
  • Lessons indexed by topic

Browse the Table of Contents or the Index of Topics to see some of the great stuff inside MPJ’s Ultimate Math Lessons to learn more.

All this for only $14.99!  

“A resource written by teachers for teachers! I was able to see where the projects would fit our curriculum plan and was able to implement them immediately.” Teri Califf, Mendez Fundamental School, Santa Ana, CA

Plus: Purchase of the MPJ’s Ultimate Math Lessons grants you lifetime access to our Members’ Page which contains lesson plans and answer keys to all lessons produced since our last edition. In addition to all the great lesson in the ebook, you will also be able to teach with some of MPJ’s most awesome and popular lesson:

    • Mission to Mars (applications of Quadratics)
    • Tubicopter (graphing piecewise functions)
    • Freaky Friends (writing and graphing equations of circles)
    • Hippity Hoppity (writing and solving linear equations)
    • House Painter (adding, subtracting and multiplying polynomials)

Empower your teaching with ALL of MPJ’s lessons plans and answer keys for only $14.99 

 “I have used the Wallflower lesson and for the first time my kids understand negative numbers!!!” — Gail Kos, Harbour School, Annapolis, MD

Purchase Orders Accepted by calling our Distribution House
Local/International: 419.281.5100
Toll Free: 800.537.6727
Fax: 419.281.0200

3 thoughts on “Ultimate Math Lessons”

  1. I bought the journal years ago and would like to access to the members page. If I send a picture of me with the journal, could I have the access?

      1. A digital copy of the book was purchased for me at a workshop (OKAT ~ Oklahoma Algebraic Thinking) that I attended last summer. Could I get access to the member page?

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