Lessons / Curriculum Maps

MPJ eBookThe Math Projects Journal is now offering the student handouts for all its  lessons since 1997 free online. Click your desired grade level below to go to the corresponding curriculum map. These lessons are mapped to the mathematical topic,  the Common Core Content and Practice Standards, and other online resources.

The lesson plans and answer keys are still available through the MPJ’s Ultimate Math Lessons ebook, and Members’ Page (accessible to those who purchase our ebook).

“Through MPJ, I have gained confidence in teaching with projects and have gained a deeper understanding of my teaching practice. My students are loving it and so am I.”
— Crystal Wong, Newark Jr. High School, Newark, CA

Middle School

6th  Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Thinking of a Number

Postman Rising Water

 Traditional High School

Algebra 1


Algebra 2

Monster Cars

Princess Dido


Integrated High School

Math 1

Math 2

Math 3

Route 66 William Tell Tortoise and Hare

And Beyond


Gum Drop

“My students enjoy these types of lessons. The projects really enforce the ideas that traditional textbooks cannot. Thank you for really changing the way I teach and assess my students.”

— Lorrie Oistad, St Cloud Christian School, St Cloud, MN



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