About MPJ

The Math Projects Journal is an international publication offering MPJ eBookinnovative math lessons, discussions of relevant topics, and contributions from teachers from around the world. From 1997-2003, MPJ published its lessons and articles in a hardcopy, bimonthly newsletter. Those lessons have now been compiled in an electronic book, MPJ’s Ultimate Math Lessons. All the lesson handouts created since 2003 are available for free here on our web site . The lesson plans and answer keys are available on our Members’ page, which is accessible to all those who purchase our eBook.

Many of MPJ’s lessons are created by the readers of the Journal, so we strongly encourage teachers to submit their ideas.

About Our Philosophy

It’s not the methodology that counts. MPJ’s math lessons are simply vehicles to help you become a better instructor, by helping you embrace The 4½ Principles of Quality Math Instruction.

1. Standards: Focus on the limited number of topics that your students need to know. Don’t simply follow the textbook.
2. Concepts: Teach students to understand what they are doing not to just mimic what you are doing.
3. Substance: Intellectually challenge your students by raising your level of questioning.
4. Accountability: Hold students to knowledge & performance expectations that go beyond grades and unit credit.
½. Rapport: You must reach ’em before you teach ’em.

About the Common Core

Much of the work created and published by The Math Projects Journal is based on the same two decades of research that spawned the Common Core, which is why at MPJ we say that we have been doing the Common Core long before it was called the Common Core. You can see that the 4½ Principles listed above reflect the Mathematical Shifts (Focus, Coherence, Rigor) and Depths of Knowledge (DOK).

A brief scan of our Curriculum Maps will show that our lessons have long embraced the Standards of Mathematical Practice (Problem Solving, Reasoning Abstractly, Making Conjectures, Creating Models, Using Tools, Attending to Precision, Seeing Structure, and Recognizing Patterns). A deeper look into our lessons reveals an affinity for the 21st Century Skills known as the 4 C’s (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity).

MPJ’s lessons are cataloged by both CCSS of Content and Practice. Since not everyone who uses our lessons officially teaches the Common Core, we have also identified the lessons by traditional topics.

About the Author & Editor

Chris Shore is a high school math teacher of 28 years and also serves as district math coach in Temecula, CA. He is a nationally renowned presenter and trainer offering workshops such as Reaching and Teaching Those Kids, and Clothesline Math. Chris is a recipient of the 2001 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching and has led schools to significant improvements in standardized test scores. He led his own Math Department to the top five percent of State Scores in California. Chris is the author of many of the lessons and the articles in The Math Projects Journal.

Contact Me

For more information regarding MPJ’s lessons, professional development with Chris Shore, or submissions to this publication, contact me at:

The Math Projects Journal
23983 Crowned Partridge Ln
Murrieta, CA 92562

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