Recap: Fall for Math 2017, Growing Powerful Practices Together

San Bernardino, CA , Sept 2017
The Riverside San Bernardino Counties Mathematics Teachers Association, the local state affiliate of which I am a member, conducted its first Fall conference, Fall for Math, with a theme of Growing Powerful Practices Together.The conference had three main objectives:

  1. Highlighting Math Practices 3 & 6 (Constructing Viable Arguments and Critiquing the Reasoning of Others, and Attend to Precision)
  2. Establish local support networks via social media connections and/or face-to-face meetings as an on-going vehicle to share ideas and resource
  3. Provide high-quality, low-cost professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers of mathematics.

My role in reaching that first goal was to provide the keynote (Growing Our Practices: The 21st Century Habits of Mindand the closing address (The Transformation Question).

To meet the goal of proving high quality PD for the Math Practices, there were two break out sessions in between. The presenter line-up for these sessions was mighty for a such a small conference that cost only $30…

  • Adriann Huntington and Sherese Ferrell
    Making Sense on a Mathematical Carpet Ride (K-5)
  • Mary Vongsavanh
    Leading Math Discourse with Students (K-5)
  • Shirley Roath
    “I Already Taught Fractions; Why Don’t They Get It?”
  • Lydia Song
    Growing Mathematical Prowess Through Problems of the Month
  • Ioana Robles
    SiMPlifying and Applying the SMP (6-8)
  • Karon Woolsey
    Going Deeper Understanding the Mathematical Practices (6-8)
  • Giovanni Macias
    Linear Equations (6-8)
  • Chris Luzniak
    Debate That! (6-12)
  • Chris Duran
    Probability Without Formulas (9-12)
  • Venetia Ricchio
    Breakout EDU Can You Solve the Puzzle? (8-12)
  • Niki Fryer
    Power in Numbers (9-12)

Now, I would like to do my part in helping RSBMTA meet goal #2 of establishing and growing the leadership network by having our participants answer the transformation question… in two parts:

Part 1 (as a teacher): “How will your students be transformed because of their experience they will have with you, their teacher?”

Part 2 (as a leader): “How will your dept/school/district/county be transformed, because of the experience the teachers and administrators will have with you, their leader?”

This is only our first step. Leave your responses in the comments below. I look forward to reading how you plan on changing the world. Keep an ear out for the dates of our first virtual meeting.

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