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Rich and Robust

I recently had the pleasure of learning from Tim Kanold of Stevenson High School fame. I heard him speak on several occasions last fall, and he kept saying that we need to involve students in “rich and robust tasks.” He was addressing the Common Core‘s call to the Standards of Practice. These practices can be summarized by … Continue reading

Number Tricks (student sample)

Number Tricks is a lesson that involves writing and simplifying expressions. It demands the higher order thinking skills called for in the Common Core in several ways. 1) The students are to write a mathematical model for a trick given to them. 2) They are to create their own trick and offer the algebraic expression that represents … Continue reading

Lesson: Stixture Problems

Multi-link cubes allow the students to SEE the solutions to mixtures problems. SUBJECT: Algebra TOPICS: Mixture problems; fractions and percentages; geometric and algebraic modeling PAGES: 2 Download PDF


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